§ 1

General information

1. The owner of the Online Store located on the website and and also is Karolina Marynka, engaged in business activities under the name 3Dlogy Karolina Marynka NIP: 6443359370, REGON: 381682292, [hereinafter: Service, Seller or Store]

2. The correspondence address of the Store is: 3Dlogy, ul. Wrzosowa 8, 41-200 Sosnowiec

3. The store in each transaction is a contractual party of sale concluded with the website user and is listed on the invoice as the seller of the products ordered by the customer. A website user who is a natural person with full legal capacity or being a legal person or an organizational unit that is not a legal person becomes a party to the contractual relationship [hereinafter: the Buyer or the Customer] at the time of filling in the order form.

4. These regulations are a document specifying the terms of use of the online store located at and and also Each customer is obliged to read the Regulations, and its provisions become binding for the customer when he makes purchases in the store.

5. By using the services of the Website, you confirm that you have read these Regulations, and accept all its provisions, also committing to comply with them.

6. The store sells goods via the Internet. The condition to make an order in the store is to fill in the order form, this action is tantamount to acceptance of the conditions and delivery costs contained therein.

7. The Customer undertakes to provide complete and true personal data in the order form. Violation of the above obligation will result in the Customer's liability for the damage resulting from this fact.

8. By placing an order in the store, the customer consents to the use of personal data provided by the store in the order form to the extent necessary to perform the order and record purposes. Every customer has the right to inspect and correct their personal data, he can also ask to be removed from the list of clients. The store undertakes not to share any personal data of its clients, both address data and e-mail addresses, for purposes not related to the execution of orders.

9. The store declares that the shop complies with the rights of the authors of each graphic work purchased on the Website, each time the copyright for the used photos and graphics is paid for. Additionally, the Seller provides visibility of the author's name on every graphic in the Store's inventory, also preceded by a copyright sign - (copyright symbol: ©).

§ 2

Conclusion of the contract

1. Images and any other products presented by the Seller on the website or other media are not a commercial offer within the meaning of art. 66 and art. 661 of the Civil Code, and only the customer's invitation to make a purchase offer. The purchase offers can be submitted via the Store's website in the form of on-line forms.

2. The invitation to submit the bids referred to above in § 2 section 1 is not territorially limited. The number of products presented in the store is variable, all are made to individual order.

3. Placing an order in the online store is tantamount to expressing the wish to conclude a sales contract on terms specified in these regulations and in the order.

4. Each ordered item must be configured by the customer according to his wishes. The buyer is obliged to get acquainted with all the configuration options and take into account the total price.

5. When placing an order, the customer is obliged to take into account the total price of the order. All prices given on the site are gross prices, including VAT, in the amount compliant with the applicable regulations and do not include shipping costs.

6. The proposed graphics are just pattern motifs. The customer does not receive the original image, but only a copy according to the motif, prepared on the basis of the technique chosen by him. The store makes every effort to ensure that the photos and descriptions of the goods presented in it are consistent with their actual features.

7. After placing an order, an email will be sent to the customer with a summary of his purchases. The next business day after the day on which the payment has been accepted or credited to the Seller's bank account is deemed the beginning of the order execution term.

8. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to perform the service and fulfill the order, if the products contain content that is against the law, morality or rules of social coexistence. The store also reserves the right to make changes to the prices of goods on offer, as well as to changes in the amount of delivery costs of ordered items.

§ 3

Terms of payment

1. The store accepts only the prepayment for the order accepted for implementation.

2. Payments for goods may only be made in the form of a prepayment via online payment systems made available.

3. Payment by check or cash is not possible.

4. Payment is considered completed after the payment on the account has been posted. Placing an order and posting the payment is confirmed by e-mail. The customer can monitor the status of the order.

5. The payment card operator is PayPro SA Agent Settlement, ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 Poznań, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000347935, NIP 7792369887, Regon 301345068.

§ 4

Conditions of delivery

1. Ordered items are sent to the customer via courier, personal collection is not possible.

2. Each product from the store's offer has a specified and specified delivery time. It starts its run from the moment of posting the payment to the account, and ends when the parcel is sent to the courier company. Orders with different delivery times are sent after completing the entire order, i.e. after the longest of the given time. In justified cases, the store reserves the right to send each product a separate package. The stated deadline for completion, in justified cases, may be extended for random reasons, independent of the Seller.

3. If in the Store, for a given product, there is no delivery date specified, 7 business days are accepted for the duration of the order of a given product.

4. Delivery costs are calculated for a particular order and are given in the configurator.

5. In the case of delivery of goods not conforming to the terms of the agreement resulting from the fault of the Seller, the customer undertakes to provide an additional deadline of two weeks.

§ 5

Responsibility for damage caused during transport

1. The buyer should check the condition of the shipment at the time of its receipt from the courier. If it is found that the content is damaged or shows signs of opening, the delivery must not be acknowledged, but the courier should be required to prepare a damage report.

2. The customer is obliged to inform the store within three calendar days about the attempt to deliver the damaged parcel.

§ 6

Limitation of liability

The Seller is not responsible for the lack of permanent access to the Online Store and the speed of the system, as well as technical and electronic errors created during the ordering, if the reason for their creation are factors that the store has no influence.

§ 7

The right to withdraw from the terms of the contract

1. The store is a service that also satisfies the individual needs of clients. The customer determines the order parameters through the initial selection of the photo, material, print size and the choice of possible finishing options. The production is carried out from scratch according to the client's order.

2. The right to withdraw from the contract concluded as part of a distance purchase is not payable if the object of the benefit is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the consumer's individual specification.

3. According to art. 38 section 3 of the Act on consumer rights of 30 May 2014 (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827) [hereinafter: the Act] the right to withdraw from a contract concluded away from premises or at a distance is not payable if the object of performance is a non-prefabricated item, produced according to the consumer's specification or service to satisfy his personalized needs, i.e. contracts:

a. concerning the delivery of goods that have been prepared and implemented at the customer's request (including wall murals, paintings, posters, stickers and other products made from the Seller's photo gallery)

b. concerning goods that have been ordered and will be used for the purposes of the Customer's business operations

4. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the distance contract concluded, if the object of sale is a serially produced product, which is in the Shop's permanent offer, in accordance with the rules described in the Act of 30/05/2014. on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014 No. 827), within 14 days of receiving the parcel.

5. In case of withdrawal from the sales contract, the product received should be sent back to the following address:


ul. Wrzosowa 8,

41-200 Sosnowiec

along with a document confirming the purchase and a printed, completed and signed return form.


• We do not accept parcels sent to us for downloading or parcel machines.

• Each returned product should be properly packed and secured, it should reach us intact, not indicating its use.

• The cost of sending back the goods is covered by the Buyer.

• Returns of transaction costs are processed within 14 days of receiving the return.

Orders paid for by: - ​​PayPal is returned by PayPal, - PayU is returned by PayU, - payment on delivery is returned to the bank account indicated in the return form.

§ 8

Complaints and returns

1. The Seller grants a 12-month warranty for the purchased goods, which starts its run from the date of delivery of the product to the customer

2. The Buyer should immediately report the complaint against the email address: after the non-compliance of the service with the contract or in the event of situations provided for in § 5 sec. 2 of the Regulations.

3. The Seller provides, where necessary, instructions for assembly and storage of the product. Failure to comply with its guidelines excludes the possibility of complaint of the product.

4. The basis of the complaint may not be slight deviations of the delivered product from the one offered in the store. A slight deviation is considered to be small - technologically impossible to remove - differences in the format, type and quality of the substrate.

5. The basis of the complaint may also not be the differences in the color of the actual product in relation to the product color, reproduced by the computer monitor. The image viewed on the monitor screen may deviate from the printed image and this is due to the difference in the way the image is presented on a given monitor. Such exceptions do not authorize complaints.

6. The shop will also not recognize the complaint in case of improper handling of the product or its improper assembly.

7. The seller is liable to the buyer if the item sold has a defect that reduces its value or usefulness, if the item does not have properties that the customer provided for, or in cases where the item was delivered to the customer incomplete. In the aforementioned cases, the Customer allows the Seller to bring the product to the condition consistent with the contract by free repair, and in the event of impossibility of repair - replacement with a new product.

8. If the goods are found to be inconsistent with the contract, i.e. have a defect reducing its value or usefulness or the product has been issued incomplete, the buyer has the right to demand that the product be brought into conformity with the contract by free repair and in the event of impossibility of repair - replacing the product with a new one, and, as a last resort, refunding the paid funds for the order.

9. Complaints are recognized if the Customer within 3 calendar days from the moment the factory defect of the goods is revealed, will notify in writing by e-mail, fax or post noticeable defect of the goods or erroneous delivery.

10. If the Seller fulfills the obligations provided for in paragraphs 7 and 8 of this paragraph, by exchanging goods for a new one without defects, the Store may request the Customer to return the defective goods.

11. The seller is obliged to consider the complaint within 14 days of its notification.

12. Complaints are subject only to the goods in the state in which they were delivered. If the product defects are discovered, after its application on the wall or other surface, the complaint will not be accepted.

13. Damage caused as a result of incorrect or non-compliant activities does not constitute grounds for making claims against the seller.

§ 9

Withdrawal from the terms of the agreement by the seller

1. The Seller reserves the right to withdraw from the terms of the contract without the possibility of claiming compensation by the Customer within 7 days of its conclusion in the event of circumstances beyond the Seller's control that could not be foreseen

2.. The basis for the withdrawal within the prescribed period is also the interference in the store structure by third parties, as a result of which the functionality, service parameters as well as the order placement mechanism and the price have changed.

§ 10


1. The purchase of goods does not mean the acquisition of any copyright or other intellectual property rights to the purchased products.

2. Products sold by the Shop are covered by copyright laws worldwide. The Customer or third parties are not authorized to produce, distribute or reproduce products on the Website.

§ 11

Personal data

1. By registering in the online store, the customer also consents to the processing of his personal data to the extent necessary to implement the contract.

2. The transferred personal data of the Customer are protected in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws 1997 No. 133, item 883). The Seller will make every effort to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access to this information by third parties.

3. Personal data is not shared with other entities for marketing purposes

§ 12

Final Provisions

1. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code or other specific legal regulations relating to the operation of websites and online stores shall apply.

2. The store reserves the right to change these Regulations in full or part of it at any time without prior notice. The customer is not bound by these provisions of the Regulations, which have changed after placing the order

The Seller is not responsible for purchases made by third parties using the Customer's data.